Who we are

The base for the philosophy of 3H-Tech is the belief that it is within the work from choice of supplier up to start of production that the process and quality of a product has to be closely defined.


The company’s employees have solid competence and experience in the development of mechanical products and ensure that every job we are awarded will reach the given requirements.


With a background in product design within the passenger car industry and after that work within product and tool design, process development, production management, marketing, business management and producing for Automotive, Heavy Trucks and Off Highway we have been able to prove that this philosophy has been beneficial for both producers and customers.


Ola Högfeldt

Basic Education:

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


3H-Tech, Arvika 2009 –
Establishment of a marketing and technical consultancy for the Scandinavian market


Arvika Gjuteri, Sakthi Sweden, 
Leader of Improvement Development, responsible for implementation of Lean Production tools.
Follow up on development and support for production leaders
Manager of Workforce Pool, 
Project Leader in Technical Department, responsible for installation of fully automatic production lines


Hydro Fundo Aluminium, 
Project leader within Quality in the Department of Process and Product Development, with targets to improve production efficiency


Advanced Industrial Management project AB, Consulting Company in Arvika,
Assigned to work with improvement projects within Logistics and Production among others at Thermia and Fundo Aluminium

Daniel Högfeldt

Basic Education:

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Luleå Sweden, Major in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Final Thesis made for Intermet Corp, USA
Complementary Education: Foundations for a Lean Transformation, Oakland University and Pawley Institute, Rochester, MI, USA.

3H-Tech, Arvika 2010-
Member of the 3H-Tech team, a marketing and technical consultancy for the Scandinavian market

Sperre Støperi, Iron and Aluminium Foundry in Elverum, Norway, 2007 – 10
Production Manager of Iron Foundry

Arvika Gjuteri, Nodular Iron Foundry in Arvika, 1997-2007
Work in Hand Moulding Department before transferring to Production
Engineering and later Manager in Fettling Department of main foundry

Board members​

Lars Hellberg

1. Volvo Cars 1980-2001; start as Advanced engineering engineer, power trains to VP Marketing&Sales


2. GM Europe / Saab Automotive 2001-2004; GM Europe Quality board member and SVP Saab Customer Satisfaction & Quality


3. Wärtsilä Group 2004-2013; President R&D, Manufacturing and Sourcing


4. Fortaco Group 2013==>; President & CEO


Customer, People, Innovations, Seek for Solutions to make Tomorrow Safer and Better

Inge Högfeldt

Basic Education:

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at
Chalmers Technical University in Göteborg Sweden
Specialization: Combustion Engine Processes


3H-Tech, Arvika 2009 –
Establishment of a marketing and technical consultancy for the Scandinavian market


Intermet Europe / Sakthi Automotive, Saarbrücken Germany, 2003 – 08Technical Director of the European subsidiary of American Intermet Corp resp the Indian Sakthi Automotive Group, serving Automotive Customers worldwide


Arvika Smide, Steel Forge in Arvika, 2000
Managing Director during an urgent restructuring. Old owner SKF had decided to close but new owner Novaterra gave a chance to survive


Arvika Gjuteri, Nodular Iron Foundry in Arvika, 1988 – 2003
Foundry Manager, Marketing Manager, Managing Director and part owner of the Former Volvo Nodular Iron Foundry


Fundo Aluminium, Aluminium PM Foundry in Charlottenberg, 1979 – 87
Manager of Technical Development including design and development of tooling, casting processes and products, as well as Technical support to Marketing Dept


Volvo Car, Göteborg, 1974 – 78
Design Engineer and Manager of Design of „Non-moving“ Parts of the Volvo Base Engine design organization.

Ulf Johansson

1978-1983 Transmission development | Volvo Car Corporation –
My first engineering job was as a designer. In the end of that path, I
thought this was what was waiting for me for the next 40 years. But I
learned about discipline and that the devil is in the details. An important
lesson for me.


1983-1986 Production development | Volvo Car Corporation –
Worked as a project leader, with product sales to Renault.


1988-1990 Administrative structure & HR | Volvo Car Corporation –
Here I learned how a large organization does and does not work. I learned
about politics and tricks. A great school. With great results.


1993-present Owner | Attentus Göteborg AB –
Long time 28 years, after a booming career path at Volvo Cars and
Caran, it became natural for me to run my own machine. And that
decision has really taught me a great deal of ups and downs, but it is still
one of my best decisions. I have now a global network, with my global
thinking, living after my motto: “never ever give up, but don’t be stupid”


2010-present President | 3H-Tech AB